Energy Balls and Energy Bars

packed with Energy and Healing ingredients

These energy balls are for all ages: from four to ninety four.

  • If you are a fitness fanatic or want to lose weight, we have the right energy ball for you.
  • If you are an outdoor enthusiast, crafting in your workshop, business or office – you won’t find a better energy booster.

All Ingredients are 100% Natural

All the ingredients are 100% natural and sourced from reliable sustainable resources.

No Artificials Added

No extra sugar added

No preservatives added

No artificial ingredients added

Free From:

Gluten Free

Dairy Free

Wheat Free

Balls and Bars - Blueberry Energy Balls Single

All the Ingredients are 100% Natural

No sugar is added to any of the energy balls; neither is no artificial sweeteners; In fact – no artificial anything is added to any of the energy balls – just pure natural ingredients from certified sources are used. These Energy Balls are also vegan friendly.

Balls and Bars - Chocolate & Tahini Energy Balls Single

Energy Balls with a Size that Matters

One pack of these Energy Balls consists of 6 balls of 20g each – with a total weight of 120g per pack. The Nutritional value of one pack is similar to a standard plate of food.

It started with a
Sleeping Arrangement

BB zzzz mask www 738x400 - Balls and Bars - Energy Balls and Energy Bars

Extreme fluctuations in blood-sugar levels (hyperglycemia/hypoglycemia) was a problem for many years – till the radical experiment in 2017 – which turns the world upside down.

Balls and Bars - Chocolate-Matcha Energy Balls Single

These Energy Balls are also Healing

These Energy Balls are not only packed with loads of energy, but they also have healing nutrients in like Spirulina, Turmeric, Ginger, Berries and Nuts that help the body to heal from many different unhealthy situations.

Balls and Bars - Spirulina & Nuts Energy Balls Single
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Balls and Bars - Chocolate Chia Energy Balls Single

We Love the World – and You are part of it

We are a small but passionate team of people – a recipe developer, “baker”/baller/production, professional nutritionist(s), a photographer and a graphics designer. We are passionate to make life better for You: Therefore – these products to make You feel better. Read About us.

Balls and Bars - Mango Energy Balls Single

Packaging with a Purpose

The Energy Balls are package in a robust tamperproof recyclable plastic tub – for a purpose: to take in anywhere with you. For example – in your briefcase to work; to the gym; while you are swimming (it is waterproof); in a small handbag on a night out – without the fear that the delicate balls – will damage.

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