These are the most common product related FAQs which we have listed here.  If you have any more questions, feel free to contact us.

Just Balls?

We know what you are referring to ... but just a moment - the bars are coming soon.

What makes these Balls so Special?
  1. We Focus on Healing hence most of our products contains ingredients that are Nutritious and Super Healthy. See the blog for more detail.
  2. We consult Two Highly Qualified Nutritionists in the development of our products - who advice and keep a watchful eye over the creation and release of each product.
Why are these Balls so Big?

Each Ball is 20g; a pack of six balls of 120g contains the same nutritional value than a standard plate of food.

Why is the Subscription only 3 months?

We are constantly developing new flavours and we don't want to tie you in in a long subscription when the new flavours are released. We give you the opportunity to change your mind and test some of the new flavours.

Why package in Tubs and not Bags?
  1. These balls are delicate and will be striped naked from Chia seed, Coconut, Matcha Green Tea, etc if it is just dumped in a bag.
  2. The Packaging is Robust and Ergonomically designed so that you can just as easy carry it in in the pocket of your suit as well as swim with it through the English Channel. Yes, you can swim with a complete meal in your swimsuit or have a meal while challenging Sir Mo Farah on a long run.
Are these all Vegan products?

No - not all, but most of the products are Vegan. There are products that could contain egg & dairy. Please read the Ingredients tab.

Are these the only flavours you have?

These are the flavours we have currently made available for sale.  However, we have 36 ready-to-go flavours which we will release three at a time - soon and we have another 133 recipes under development in the lab.