The Wonders Performed by Chocolate

It is no news that chocolate is one of the most popular food taken by people all over the world, but relative. Chocolate is one of the most popular food taken by people all over the world, but relatively have been the favorites of people in certain countries like Switzerland where 22.36 pounds per person, Ireland 19.47 pounds per person, Austria 20.13 pounds per person, UK 20.02 pounds per person and USA 21.37 pounds per person.

Chocolate is a brown, sweet food type prepared by roasting and grinding cacao seeds, it comes as a block (solid), paste (semi-solid) and liquid forms.

Chocolate as Food

Chocolate got it general acceptability across the world because of it yummy and sweet taste, it is present in many foodstuffs particularly as desserts, which includes cakes, mousse, puddings, chocolate brownies, also chocolate chip cookies. Chocolate is also used to coat some candies which can be eaten as snacks. Chocolate can be molded into various shapes like eggs, coins, heart e.t.c, and presented as a gift on celebrated days like Christmas, Birthdays, Valentine day, Hanukkah day and Easter day. Chocolate is often used to make cold or hot beverages such as hot chocolate, chocolate milk and also alcoholic drinks like creme de cacao.

Wonders of Chocolate in Improving your Health

 Prevention of Stroke

Research carried out in Canada which involves the use of 4,489 individuals, shows that individuals who consumed one serving of chocolate were 22% less likely to suffer a stroke compared to those who did not. It also shows that those who consumed two ounces of chocolate in a week were 46% less likely to die from a addition, according to a study, published in a heart journal in 2015 to  trace the impact of chocolate on the long-term health of 25,000 individuals including men and womenThe findings recommended that consuming up to 100 grams (g) of chocolate on a daily basis may lower the risk of disease of the heart  and stroke.

Improvement of your Cognitive

As stated by scientists at Harvard Medical School; drinking two to three cups of hot chocolate per day will help up-keep the brain, and also reduce memory retardation in older was also found that hot chocolate improves blood flow to essential parts of the brain where it is needed.

Results of laboratory research,  published in 2014, suggested that a cocoa extract, called lavado which makes the bulk of chocolate composition, can prevent or reduce damages to nerve pathways peculiar to patients that suffer from Alzheimer’s disease. chocolate can help reduce symptoms like cognitive decline.

Another study shows that consuming chocolate at least once in a week could improve brain capacity according to the journal Appetite published in 2016.

Improvement of your Athletic Performance

It has been proven that chocolate can help athletes to cover more distance and also use less oxygen.research published in The Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition recommended that a little dark chocolate could boost oxygen availability during fitness training. scientists who studied a number of cyclists in the United Kingdom discovered that the riders used less volume of oxygen and also covered more distance in a three-minute flat-out time trial, after eating dark chocolate. Further experiments indicate that the impact of dark chocolate in this study is due to the flavonols called epicatechins, this enhances the release of nitric oxide in the body.

Lowering of your Body Cholesterol Level

Research published in The Journal of Nutrition, recommends that chocolate consumption could help reduce bad cholesterol(low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol levels). The researchers investigated if chocolate bars that contain cocoa flavonols and plant sterols have any effect on cholesterol levels. It was concluded: “Regular consumption of chocolate bars containing cocoa flavonols and plant sterols as part of a low-fat diet,  lowers cholesterol and improve blood pressure which in turn improve cardiovascular health.

It is often said that a glass of water per day keeps the doctor away from you. But I want to tell you that, a bar of chocolate or a cup of hot chocolate will not only keep you away from the hospital or keep doctors away from you but will keep your general body health in the optimum state.





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